Kellie Bronikowski is a moving imagery artist that has been working in the medium since 2005.  She received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Film Department is 2009 and her MFA from UWM in 2012.  Currently she is working as Adjunct Faculty in the UWM Film Department.  Her work focuses on autobiographical and diaristic filmmaking with an exploration of family and an interest in creating her own version of a family tree.


mini collaboration with Tony Balko

Artist Statement:

I’m an archivist, a family tree historian and have a deeply nostalgic personality type. The root of my work comes from the relationships within and the memories that make up the history of my family. Being that by nature and nurture I have a more introverted personality type; the vast majority of my childhood influences and experiences came from within the home. I spend my time going back to that place that I’ve only physically left behind. I’m driven by the desire to get an overall sense of who my family and myself are, individually and as a group.  My dad once said to me that every generation seems to have one person interested in genealogy and that he was the one for his generation and that he thought that I would be the one for mine.  Even though we were working sometimes in very different ways I’ve felt for a long time now that all the pieces I’ve made are extensions to add to my family tree for future generations to explore.



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